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new show by Audrey Kawasaki

New show by Audrey Kawasaki

 The incredibly talented and very popular Audrey Kawasaki has just opend her new show "Restlessly still".
like the name suggests the new works are quiet yet with an element of tension. I always enjoy the lightness of Audrys works, shapes merge and fade, figures are clear yet transparent and ethereal.
I especially like the otherworldly ambiance of the pictures below, it is a feeling I have often sort to create in my own work.
to see all of Audreys new work go to her art blog http://i-seldom-do.livejournal.com

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amazing work by Moki

This is another amazing work by one of my favorite artists moki. I love cats and totaly belive in their ability to walk between worlds, so this picture is just perfect to me.

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Melissa Haslam

Australian artist Melissa Haslam just opened her new show "Kigurumi" at Lebasse projects in LA. A continuation of the clean crisp portraits we saw in "Botanica" but with a quirky cute new subject
Check out hew new work at www.lebasseprojects.com
"Wolf" by Melissa Haslam.

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HHurray I have finally finished this painting. I have been working on this of and on for two years. I kept leaveing it and doing other things, but now is finally done. I dont know what to call it yet. Youd think over the course of two years I'd have thought of a name but no. I'll call her "Lush green" for now. Here she is below, sorry details first then the full pic. The camerra dident pick up the blues or purpels well. I'll have to take some with the good old SLR. luv. 

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I havent felt like working on any of my biger paintings lately so I've been playing with watercolour a bit. Nothing fantastic just expirimenting. I love how fast it is to work with and how easy it is to blend.
hear is one little pic. I'll prob post some more in the next few days.

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love Camille rose garcias new work

One of my all time fav artists is Camille rose garcia and while I was checking in at the "arrested motion" site (brilient site) I was very exitted to see that she has a new show up. Her new works are even brighter and more psychedelic than before. I love love the depth and colours.
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mushrooms and fairy

Its been raining lots heare lately and when it rains lots we offten get pretty mushrooms growing in our plantpots. I love mushrooms and especialy  like this picture becouse of the lovely light.  

And heare is another sketch. I did this one a while back but never posted it before. I was looking through my drawing book the other day and found it again.

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in progress painting

Heare is the next in progress picture of the painting I showed you the other day. Its comeing along nicely but as usual slowly. The working tital is "timeout" but I might change that becouse timeout is the name of a popular gym in my town and i dont want the asociation in mind.